8 things that happen only in airplanes

Long distance airplane journeys can be uncomfortable, tiring and a tad bit boring. But if you look enough, eccentric quirks and amusing anecdotes abound given the diversity of ages, sizes and attitudes of the passengers aboard.

I recently flew down from Sydney to Chennai and the following asides are probably something that would only happen in an airplane:

  1. The frantic jostling for space in the overhead compartments by the desi traveller flying back home with an array of all things aussie – just ask the stuffed 🐨 taking the pride of the place masquerading as a backpack. His kangaroo cousin wisely hopped on to the next overhead compartment – that’s apparently how they peacefully coexist in the wild.
  2. The armrest conundrum: who hogs.. ahem… establishes supremacy over the armrests? The person on the right or the left? Perhaps a little elbowing talent might go a long way in settling the dispute.
  3. Mastering the almighty art of reapplying your facial moisturizer in the tiny enclosed loo space in a turbulent flying stretch is no mean feat. Just resist the temptation to add a little colour to your vibrant personality if you want to hold on to that Charlotte Tillbury lipstick and avoid smattering the loo walls the shade of matte revolution.
  4. The age old question of where to plonk that clumpy pillow that the airhostess hands you – strategically placing it on the arm rest will earn the ire of your passenger-neighbour whereas your achy feet & sore calf muscles will remind you of why the leg room requires.. ahem… more room unless you go the whole hog and fly business class.
  5. To drink or not to drink…… a wide variety of colored liquids coming your way.. Beating dehydration is a cause celebre but not joining the loo qs quarter of an hour later.
  6. How to tune out the 6 year old singing “I am a barbie girl” in a loop 3 seats down the aisle (Hello parents, buy the kid some Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift CD’s when you land.)
  7. Do you leave your jacket on or dump it in the overhead compartments and grab that blanky staring at you from your seat? In my case, the 🐨 backpack decided it for me…. leave it on.
  8. The last Airbender or Charlie and the chocolate factory? M. night Shyamalan – you win.


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