The moon travel and a mother’s sorrow

Parineeti stared at the moon. The gentle breeze caressed her hair as she held the chubby hands of her three year old, Parikshit.

“Do you like being on the boat, darling?”

When Parikshit nodded an enthusiastic yes and held out his arms for her to pick him up, she whispered holding back tears -“Wave to the moon, tomorrow, sweetie. Mummy is going there with her friends from ISRO. Mummy will watch you from there.”

“Are you visiting Gramma there, Mummy? Can I wave to her too?”

“No, sweetie, Gramma has gone to heaven.”

Her husband squeezed her hands offering silent comfort.

Written for Rochelle Wisoff-Fieldโ€™s Friday Fictioneers. Linking up here. Thanks to Ted Strutz for the photo prompt.

Author’s note: India’s space research agency, ISRO, is working on Chandrayaan mission which aims to put astronauts on moon again. Waiting to see another success like the mars mission, Mangalyaan.


  1. That’s a lovely story!
    You were very clever to use a three year old child as the focus of the mother’s love, because the whole thing is then like a magical adventure. We know it’s real, but because of the child’s naivety we don’t need to feel the jingoistic emotions like ‘It will be India who gets back to the moon first’. Space travel should be international if anything is. That said, ISRO deserves great credit, both for its technical competence and for its daring.
    Great write, Lavanya!

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  2. There is an unwritten feeling that the moon is seen as hades…. Maybe it’s just my sleep deprived mind. Good story, and I wish ISRO all success in it’s mission to the moon! Always wondered what was seen there that we never went back….

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  3. I keep thinking that there was a scientist from India on the last major shuttle launch (Columbia). It would be great if that nation (along with America) could reach the moon again. Well done in inspiring!

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    • Thanks Miles. As someone mentioned earlier, beginning a new era in ๐Ÿš€ should be an international effort. Thanks for writing in and sharing your views.

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