Dahlia Dances


The potted dahlias bloomed with bright colours framed in the distance by the red hibiscus. Kandasamy came closer for a look when he spotted Durai sitting in the chair.

How had he missed seeing his master?

Knowing his master’s cherished loneliness, he quickly ducked into the verandah.

Durai in the meanwhile, sat wrapped in a glorious silence as he recollected the plants as tiny seedlings gifted to him when he had voluntarily retired. His co-workers had gifted him living breathing things that had added colour to the gloomy entrance of his home.

His only remainder of the days gone by!

He had watered and cared for the plants carefully. His flowers were the talk of the neighborhood. His earlier colleagues dropped by to visit the flowers or perhaps really him. His taciturnity made it difficult for him to be certain.

He shook himself of the nostalgia wrapped around him like a thick blanket and called out to Kandasamy for his morning tea and newspaper.

Another routine morning was in progress.

Thanks to the amazing Priceless Joy for the challenge and Shivam for the photo prompt.





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