Flying with the flu

“It’s just the flu.”

Standard explanation for a simple ailment, right?


According to a government statistic, more people die of influenza in australia than covid! Yes, covid is highly contagious especially the omicron variant much more than the flu but lower vaccine uptake as well as mutants resistant to existing vaccines have been responsible for the outbreak this year. Fainting fits, dehydration and an emergency ward hospital visit may seem far fetched for the flu but pretty stressful to experience first hand.

Relocating cross continents, settling in a new job and new house setup plus fighting the flu left me with precious little time to pursue other activities. My beloved Veena was left behind along with other memories in Hong Kong.

There were a few cultural events to enjoy from May to June in sydney. Vivid Sydney, a mesmerising art display and 3D light projection festival across the city including exhilarating live music performances was a joy to behold.

The next season of Stranger things is out and the ageing of earlier childish characters to teenagers gave me an odd sense of deja vu. Watching an aging tamil superstar perform action stunts in the Vikram movie was another marker of the years passing by.

More soon…..

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