The Aha! moment for UFO’s

Nina: Nana, Nana!

Nana: What’s happening now? Did the space aliens finally land?

Nina: Of course not, Nana. But while we are on the topic…… Did you know that the US Government has officially released video footage of unidentified flying objects that it cannot identify nor trace the origin of?

Nana: Does that mean aliens live among us after all or rather fly among us?

Nina: The US government officially does not know. Conspiracy theorists of course speculate on whether these objects are alien in origin or merely a product of extremely sophisticated technology by earth bound nations hostile to the US.

Nana: Wasn’t that always the case?

Nina: There are several puzzling phenomena in the videos released by the US government. 21 out of the 144 sightings report that the objects remained stationary among buffeting winds, manoeuvre abruptly or move without visible propulsion. A former high ranking security official has confirmed that some of these objects are travelling at speeds exceeding the sound barrier without the sonic boom. This is well beyond any known human technology till date.

Nana: So, to conclude, we still don’t know what these UFO’s are?

Nina: Yes, Nana. But UFO’s aren’t any longer in the realm of science fiction or fantasy now. There may well be unidentified alien tech around us right now but more research is required to truly understand what’s happening in the skies of our planet.

This post is a part of the #NinaAndNana series that I co-host with Kanika G.

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  1. If we finally figured out what any of these UFOs are, alien or not, they’d simple become FOs or IFOs. It’s the Unidentified that makes them so intriguing! 🙂

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