Destiny or Free will?

So much of how we look, talk, move and even think is driven by that mysterious scientific idea of “genetics” or the “genes” we inherit from our parents and ancestors. The idea that genes influence our health, habits and smarts is so common that it’s almost synonymous with the idea of destiny, a chosen path for your life.

But did you know that while the genes are immutable, the epigenomes (which are DNA chemical markers) are not only capable of change but also can even reverse ageing in certain instances based on a recent scientific study?

This means that irrespective of your genes, you can shape your mental and physical health by lifestyle and environment changes. For instance, if you had inherited a “fat” gene, you can turn the epigenome marker off by lifestyle changes and good diet. Similarly, if you had inherited a predisposition to say depression, you can change that by meditation and changes to your environment.

Moving on from a biological to a “physics” perspective, this is closely linked to why the determinism theory of destiny and fate have started to lose its sheen since the beginning of this millennium. Rather, quantum physics/mechanics teaches us that there are always multiple causal/effects in the real world.

So while you may have inherited fatty or diabetes prone genes, it’s entirely within the realm of possibility to lead a healthy life based on lifestyle changes. For more on the role of epigenetics on reversal of ageing in humans, please look at the in-links below.

#NinaandNana are here as usual offering their exotic take on the entire topic below:


This post is a part of the #NinaAndNana series I co-host with Kanika G.


  1. Its a brilliant topic you both touched upon, I remember Mom and I having these conversations often. Like if a child displays certain behaviours , many adults attribute it to genes. He gets angry because his father, mother have anger issues etc.. But here is the thing, with the right environment , guidance and a concerted effort the effect of these genes can be muted.


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