Movie Review: Avengers Endgame explained

Spoiler alert!

This movie review is about a week late in coming but this is one movie we’ll still be raving about in the years to come.

“Avengers Endgame” is so much more than just a fitting finale to the biggest superhero universe ever invented. It has all the ingredients of an expected best seller such as seat-grabbing suspense, heart wrenching emotions, killer (literally!) story arcs and super-hero-eey antics. Typical Avenger movie you say? Ha!

What fascinated me, of course, was the science of it. We have seen so many time travel movies by now. Back to the future’s Doc Brown, Hermoine’s time turner, Time’s machine’s sojourn into the very far future have held us spell bound while at the same time making us wonder about the causality of time travel. Is Doc Brown’s hypothesis somehow true and Dr Stephen Hawking’s grandfather paradox wrong? Or is JK Rowling’s extremely confusing explanation that hints at time being a constant in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” the correct explanation?

Surprisingly, for all those who thought all time travel theories have been already explained, Avengers Endgame offers completely new food-for thought. Time travel is possible according to the movie but even if people change their past, their futures wouldn’t change because of their actions via time travel to the past. As Robert Downey’s Tony Stark explains brilliantly, you cannot change the past because then the past you time travel to becomes your present self’s future.


Basically, the movie explores a theory where if you time travel to the past, the universe would split to two, one which was the original unaltered past (from which you came) and another that was changed as a consequence of your actions. Because you were originally from the unaltered past, your future would still remain unchanged irrespective of your actions in past that was altered due to time travel.

Hence, the whole plotline of “borrowing” the destroyed infinity stones from the past to undo the decimation of half the living beings in the universe by Thanos in the previous movie.

Of course, apart from the awesome plotline, there are several enjoyable features in the movie to all MCU fans. #ILoveYou3000 adieu by Tony Stark already has the internet swooning and is assured of attaining cult status in the coming years.Tony’s meeting with his father Howard, in the past completes a story arc for the playboy, genius and philanthropist that we have come to love in the past decade.

For all your Thor fans out there, let’s just say you are in for a biiiiiiiig surprise when you notice his (less than) statuesque frame in this movie. We are also treated to a moving Frigga-Thor sequence in the movie.

Ant-Man’s quantum travel proves to be a centre point of the whole movie as it sets the rest of the events in motion. Tom Hiddleston’s Loki wreaks havoc as is his wont and the Hulk finally is at peace with his warring Banner and Hulk personalities. We see more of Haweye’s family and a surprising twist with Nebula’s cybernetic personality while she time travels to 2014.

I have to admit though, that Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel was disappointing both in the brevity of her appearance as well as her inconsequential shots in the movie even though she does rescue Stark and Nebula from cold space.

Captain America’s finally gets a life that he deserves though his story arc is rather less dramatic and significantly less teary than Tony Stark’s end. Black Widow’s end was the one that I had anticipated, so no surprises there.

We are all Morgans (Stark’s daughter) while we finally say a heart wrenching goodbye to Tony Stark. #ILoveyou3000

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a ticket if you haven’t already watched a movie or if you a MCU buff and a Stark devotee as I am, catch those seconds and thirds.


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