Stream of consciousness post

All of my posts so far has had fictional elements of mystery, mythology, folk lore and a hearty dose of humour along with the rest. I decided to journalise my stream of consciousness for a single day today.

I woke up today morning to the sad news of NASA’s opportunity Mars rover which was finally declared electronically dead. Opportunity was supposed to last for a mere 3 months on the Mars surface whilst in reality it lasted an astonishing 15 years quite in a contradicting juxtapose to my fitbit look alike which was supposed to last atleast 15 months but actually died in a mere 3 weeks. It isn’t just men who are from Mars anymore but apparently electronics as well with teflon like batteries. (Elon, Elon, are you reading this?)

Travelling in horrendous traffic always gives me an headache but another astonishing news item I read made me sit straight up ignoring my heady (literally!) pains. NASA had put out a statement saying China and India had actually made the planet a lot more greener than a decade ago. I mulled over this story for a while but was reduced to hoping there were no trump (ian) appointees who were involved in drafting this statement. What can you expect from someone who doesn’t know the difference between weather and climate? (Where was he when all those ice age movies were being screened in the theatres?)

After spending the day on my work ( which is boring enough to be excluded from further discussions) and fielding random marketing calls from credit card companies and banks (do they ever take a day off?), I caught up with one of my close friends over a phone call. The call went something like this:

DG: R is going crazy.

LS: Going crazy how?

DG: Well, coz she is doing boring stuff like staying late in office and no longer hanging out with friends.She isn’t even doing yoga!

LS: Erm…..

DG: She doesn’t do any physical exercise any longer….

LS: Note to self: When did I last exercise?

Google, search for walking clubs in XXXX area.

Google: No results found.

Whatapp ping: Link to article about how PC and Nick had a “branded” wedding with umpteen brands laying claims to various parts of their ceremony with their brand flashes.

Watch the terrifying episode in The Reign series in Netflix about Mary, the queen of scots where she gets raped.

Google, did Mary the queen of scots get raped in France?

Google: The fictional series The Reign is fictional on details such as Mary getting raped in France.

CNN: Bill Cosby doesn’t feel remorse as he thinks he is a political prisoner.

Whatsapp: Brexit happens in 43 days!

TV in the background: lalala lalala, sing the happy song (with blue smurfs dancing)

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