Along came #NinaAndNana for the Party & the Prizes

Along came Nina,

Pop, pop, pop.

Grumpy Nana had a bit of shock!

Party is gonna rock, rock rock!

For those of you who are wondering what happened to #NinaAndNana they are quite fine and away on a christmas break. But they’ll be back in January in a new format, funnier and more argumentative than ever, with a loads of new facts.

But first, do remember to join them at their twitter party launching this new series. Share information or ask questions pretending to be wither Nina or Nana. Use #NinaSays or #NanaSays and of course always use #NinaAndNana.

#NinaAndNana look forward to seeing you at the party. Challenge them with questions or show off your expertise. We are all looking forward to being dazzled by your knowledge of strange and esoteric facts.
But wait… That’s not all…. What’s a party without prizes?
So there must be some and there will be two, sponsored by DOPOLOGY.
Nature has loved us all these years. It’s time we loved it back too.
Being Eco-friendly is easy.
All you need to do is make small changes in your lifestyle.
Dopolgy is here to help with green alternatives for your everyday life. From Bamboo toothbrushes to recycled newspaper pencils.
Make the switch to #GreenAlternatives
One prize for the best #NinaSays tweet and another for the best #NanaSays tweet as judged by Kanika and me. Remember to stay in character, cheerful and excitable for Nina, and snarky & grumpy for Nana as you share your tweets with the hashtags #NinaSays and #NanaSays. Tweets will be judged based on:
How well you stay in character of Nina or Nana,
How startling and interesting is the fact you share or the question you ask,
How much punning and humour you manage to pack
#NinaAndNana Twitter Party on Wednesday 2nd January 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm (IST). Puns, prizes, and a party. Don’t miss it!

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