5 YA Novels I love – GP by Shalini Baisiwala

Hello readers! I am so happy to be here on Lavanya’s blog and will be talking about my favourite YA books. Before I put out my list, I just want to clarify that there is a difference between Young Adult and Teens; these book categories target different age groups of children. Teen fall under the 12-1 4 year olds while YA covers 14+ as its more likely to talk about sex, death, adult relationships, challenging current issues and also include cuss words.

So YA books actually have a wider appeal and literally takes into account young and adults alike 😉

This is one of my favourite genres along with Fantasy Fiction. I can’t get enough of it and No I am not embarrassed to be caught reading one of these books. I am listing out my five favourites and hope to hear your opinion on them too. Here goes:

Twilight series by Stephanie Meyers

Oh I loved this incredibly modern take on Romeo Juliet (did I forget to mention that I am a sucker for love stories?) where a 100 year old vampire falls in love with a 17 year old teenage girl. I am so impressed with the character building and tale telling in this series. Werewolves, vampire mafia, rogue vampires and vegan or non-human blood drinking vampires, imprinting – all of it made for a fascinating read. The complete plot is centred on high school life of typical teenagers and their typical angsts. A human girl and a vampire boy fall in love, breakup and then get back together again

What I loved about it was the fairy tale love story woven with absolutely insane scenarios involving folk tales and what not. But hey then this is vampires and werewolves we are talking about.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

This book was a heartbreaker for me for it’s so sweetly plotted and written. Two social misfits with humongous self – esteem issues who then fall in love with each other. Sigh!! Could a love story get more romantic and kick ass than this? Both are 16 year old high school kids who have never been in love before. Both are awkward and weird, especially with each other till they discover a common love for music and comics. That’s when things perk up and the two hopefuls battle it out like true blue star struck lovers. In the background, the pathos of their family lives and cultures play out softly, always pulling them back with reminders of who they really are.

The author has crafted characters that one can identify with so readily. The story is moved forward from the viewpoints of both the protagonists and this for me, is the best part about the tale. It renders a fresh honest feel to the storyline and makes it totally relatable.

Laini Taylor

I stumbled upon Laini Taylor a couple of years back after I read a trio of short stories written by her. I think I fell in love with her amazing imagination which she pens down so perfectly, that all other fairy tales have paled in comparison to hers. I wouldn’t call her a fairy tale writer but she does weave in goblins and fairies in her tales. Mind you these are not your regular creatures and that’s where they become a thing of fantasy. Goblins that come to kiss pretty girls to steal their souls and a girl who just wants to be kissed, no matter what. Or fairies that are blue in colour, under the domination of an older sibling and have cast a dark shade over the entire world. But one of the fairies can enter dreams and through them leads a human to their world.

Yes that’s the depth of Laini Taylor’s written world and I am truly in love with all her books and writings so far. I would recommend starting with Lips Touch Thrice and you could check out my review of it here.

Trudi Canavan

Trudi Canavan is based out of Australia and writes most amazing fantasy fiction about novices learning magic and their masters. I became a fan of her writing with the Black Magician Trilogy about a young girl who is a commoner but seems to have a streak of magic in her. Magic that is reserved for only the privileged class and teaching it is controlled through the magician’s guild. So for a commoner to possess it is next to impossible. An underground world of thieves who seem to control the city, a rogue magician and the girl who soon becomes a novice, is the basic premise of the novel. As the tale unfolds, the novice fears her master is a black magician who dabbles in the forbidden dark arts.

The tale races through the beginning of her lessons, her acceptance of having the senior magician in her life and ultimately falling in love with him. This three part tale was further developed into another three part series which talks about their next generation.

The Princess diaries series by Meg Cabot

This is an unusual series for a 40+ woman to be waxing about but I am much in love with it. I wasn’t enamoured by the movie version at all, so let’s not go there. The books are amazingly well written and take us through the pain and angst a teenager trying to fit into school and social life. The awkwardness of the teen years, body issues and gelling with the social elite at school – all are real stuff and every one of us has gone through it.

Meg Cabot brings out this pain so realistically via her protagonist who is a royal heir living a very un-royal life in New York. She lives with her unmarried mother who is an artist living entirely in her head. So it falls onto 11 year old Mia to take care of the practicalities of life like paying electricity bills, stocking up groceries, etc. Her father is the ruler of a small principality in Europe called Genovia. Owing to an unfortunate bout of testicular cancer, he is rendered sterile and therefore Mia is now the princess in waiting. Much to her chagrin, she now has to go to school in a chauffeur driven limousine, accompanied by a bodyguard and take princess lessons from her eccentric grandmother. Mia discovers fame, betrayal, friendships, love, heartbreaks and much more in this ten book series.

You would need to read a book to know why I am so much in love with this one.

So there you have it folks – my five most recommended YA readings. Which one is your favourite out of these? Hope to have convinced you to pick at least one of them.

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  1. Twilight series is the favourite from this list. I have read Eleanor and Park based upon the recommendation. It was kind of okay with me. I have only watched the movies on Princess Diaries. I am no longer into YA book genre. My last reads from this genre were Perfect and Flawed by Cecelia Ahern.


  2. I love this genre, and Twilight is definitely an all time favorite, even though I have some issues with that series (nothing major, that Edward Cullen cannot fix 😀 )

    That being said, I haven’t yet read anything by Laini Taylor, and after that recommendation, I have to check her out!


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