Sundered Twins

When it’s sunny, I go punny. Dare’st you say it ain’t funny.

Continuing with our sun obsession this week, we have got more news for you! With a healthy dose of fun of course!

I was just watching some re-runs of young sheldon this week where Sheldon quizzes Pastor Jeff on whether Jesus would appear as an Octopus-alien Jesus to Octopus-aliens found in a planet locating a distant star.

My favourite fictional scientist (In case you don’t know who is Sheldon, check out this link) of course set me thinking on what would happen if there was indeed a duplicate of our solar system somewhere out there in the universe with real aliens. Imagine to my astonishment when I read this article which said not only is it possible but probable given the fact that the star in question is actually the twin of our very own sun! A sun 2.0 with a possible Earth 2.0. It could have even been seeded with life’s building blocks from our very own earth. HD 186302 is believed to, almost certainly, be our sun’s long lost twin. In fact, according to this article, it is uncannily similar to our sun.

But more research is needed to determine whether sun 2.0 is actually as cool as our very own sun (Nah, nah, its not an oxymoron 🙂 ) or if it’s Missy to Sheldon as sun 2.0 is to our very own sun. (Missy was Sheldon’s twin in BBT and young Sheldon)

That’s it. Pip. Pip.

Read what Nina & Nana have to say today though I do apologise for all the references to young Sheldon and Big Bang Theory sitcoms in this post. Can’t seem to get them out of my mind this week.



You can read Kanika’s take here.


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