Diwali Disparities

Diya watched as Dhriti shone in all her dazzling glory. And so it had been, for the past ten years ever since Deepak and Deepa had invited both of them into their lives.

As Dhriti winked, Diya’s thoughts flashed back to the years past. The parties and the fun. The joy of Durga, Deepa’s and Deepak’s daughter, when Dhriti and she had first entered their home. The years in between when Durga had grown up and moved away in pursuit of higher education. The sweets and the delight of all the neighbourhood children when they visited.

Dhriti had gone through the years all the while never losing the shine of her youth while Diya was now a shadow of her former self. Diya knew that she shouldn’t be having these jealous thoughts, yet it was difficult on days like today to not have them. Deepa looked at Dhriti’s youthful appearance and reminisced about Durga’s childhood while all she could remember when she looked at Diya was the passage of time. After all, she had grown darker and darker and no amount of care seemed to be able to restore her to her moderate good looks from a decade back.

Such was a life of a clay Diya while the brassy Dhriti twinkled, dimpled and lit up the house with her radiance on Diwali of every year.

#TellTaleThursday  with Anshu & Priya. Thanks Anshu and Priya for hosting this.


  1. Be it brass Deepak or earthenware diya, everyone is unique. No one has to worry about beauty of the other. It is human mind that compares. Rest of the world lives in peace.


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