H is for hurricane, T is for Typhoon!

Given my very personal experience with Typhoon Mangkhut last weekend, there should of course be no surprise, as to today’s topic. Mangkut, branded the super typhoon, wreaked havoc in Phillipines before reaching Hong Kong. All of HK’s residents including me, were confined indoors for good measure. Winds excelling 200kms per hour battered the city. It was a scary experience for me as the exhausts in my apartments wailed in agony as they rotated anti clockwise. The main door was jammed shut due to the phenomenal air pressure outside and I was trapped inside my apartment for almost 8 hours. The water squalls combined with the air pressure forced in water via the windows which were already jammed shut.

India, of course, has experienced many severe cyclones and I have experienced quite a few including the one that brought in the Chennai floods. Which brings us to the pressing question – What is the difference between typhoons, cyclones and hurricanes?

No difference! Across Atlantic and Northeast Pacific, they are called hurricanes. In Northwest Pacific, they are typhoons and in the Indian Ocean & South Pacific, they are called cyclones.

Tornadoes are different though! A tornado is a violently spiraling funnel cloud that extends from the bottom of a thunderstorm to the ground. They usually cannot be predicted and are very short lived though they too cause enormous damage.

Climate Change scientists of course say that the brutish velocity of recent storms is because of well…. climate change.

Astronauts aboard of the International Space Station watched the latest US hurricane Florence make landfall last week. Check out the video below to see how hurricanes look from space!

So what are Nina & Nana talking about today? Read on to find out


You can read Kanika’s take here.

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  1. Yes I could co-relate with these hurricane factors. it is scary and here in east America, it is so common. recently in NC has a vast effect of it. my so many friends are there and I am praying for their well being. #Myfrindalexa #surbhireads


  2. what you described sounded pretty much what happens at my house, as we lige on the 209th floor. there is no other similarly tall structure around so the wind and air have all the space to wreck hgavoc in my house. even with shut wondows the rain fiercely drenches my rooms, the corners of building trap air that sounds like a whistling witch … its actually so hilarious!! most days we cant open a room’s door. my husband and i pull it open with all the man and woman force we have lol


  3. I’m from the Philippines and us too were gravely affected by the typhoon. Water levels rose in the nearby river and water filled our home up to knee-level. Strong winds damaged our front yard too. Climate change is really terrible and for us that are affected in Asia, we have to do what we can to not contribute anymore to this.


    • Erica, I did news reports about what happened with Phillipines. All we can do is to hope for a better tomorrow. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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