Baboons with Brooms

All of us want to flash that million dollar smile that all those Hollywood A-listers flash in front of the camera. But sadly, dental hygiene i one of the most overlooked aspects of overall hygiene.

But it looks like somebody from our….er…. extended primate family is ready to lead by example!

Baboons at Paignton Zoo in the UK have been caught in the act of flossing their teeth with hair plucked off other baboons and broom bristles on camera. Talk about candid camera! Those baboons sure know how to make the most of their limelight.

Of course, Nina and Nana are here with their usual squabble on the subject. Read on!


You can read Kanika’s take here.

I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter!


  1. HhahHa! Nina and Nana are adorable. And yes, dental hygiene is widely ignored. We often fell that just brushing is good enough. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been procrastinating my dentist visit far too long.


  2. Hahhaha Nana and Nina are 2 cuties. 1st blog and what a great story with this surprise humor. I’m glad I took this seriously and got a root canal done 🙂 with hubby, we now follow twice brush with organic tooth powder routine.
    #vigorousreads #MyFriendAlexa


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