Nina & Nana in Pink or Purple?

As some of my readers know, my favourite pets were a pair of cockatiel birds back in India. Trained cockatiel were known for their affectionate behaviour towards their owners and my Luna and Scooby were no different. Their favourite perch was my shoulders when I was home and their favourite play, sitting motionless on my feet allowing me to swing them slowly like a trapeze. Sadly I had to give away my adorable pets before I left India but they did inspire me to write a fictional autobiography below!

So why am I talking about cockatiels aka parrots today? ‘coz that’s the topic Nina & Nana bring you today! I forgot to mention that while native parrots have been known to imitate sounds and trained ones can actually utter a few words,  African grey parrots are by far the most intelligent. When I first saw an African grey parrot in a pet shop, I was thrilled when it made small talk to me ranging from hello to how are you! The parrot also copied my laugh to perfection which needless, to say weirded out my husband who had accompanied me!

But Kanika and I found some interesting facts about parrots which I didn’t know earlier. Do you know that parrots can blush too?


You can read Kanika’s take below:


  1. i was thinking of your story cockatiel confessions while I was writing my post for the cartoon. Luna and Scooby seem awesome. sad you had to give them up.

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