Nina & Nana in Mountains out of Snail hills

worm s eye view photography of alps mountains
Photo by Simon Matzinger on

Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill, goes the old adage. But can you make one out of snails?

As many of you know, mountains are formed by two tectonic plates colliding against one other. Recent evidence has shown that the Himalayas was once a patch of sea bed under the sea Tethys.

The earliest fossilised bones of a whale were found in the Himalayas! While that wouldn’t make a very picturesque skeleton exhibit like the Tyrannosaurus exhibit in Jurrasic Park, paleontogists are still pretty thrilled with this discovery as it helps them to map the geological history of our planet.

See what Nina & Nana have to say about that today!


Read Kanika’s take in the below link on the same topic.

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