Nina & Nana in Slither Dither

Snakes are pretty common across almost all the continents across the world and the mythologies associated with them range from the freaky to just plain outlandish. Below are a few:

  • Hang a snakeskin from the rafters to protect a house from fire. (This was plain weird, not to mention a great way to turn away unwanted house guests)
  • Rub crocodile blood into the bite to negate the effects of the poison. (Do you have to battle the crocodile after you are bitten by a snake for a cure? Most people may prefer to die from a comparatively less painful snake bite) 
  • Tie the dead body of a snake around the wound. (This is gross)
  • Snakes hypnotize their prey. (The mental health professionals should go for a mandatory snake hypnotism course)
  • Snakes inject their venom via their forked tongue. (Ah, I was wondering when the TONGUE was going to make its entrance to this list)
  • Snakes can all spit their venom. (Snake mommas toddler (oops… slitherer) training leaves something to be desired)
  • People have believed in the healing power of serpents for centuries. Today, the serpent coiled around a staff is the symbol of the medical profession. (No wonder, God Apollo is out of business.)

But I digress.

An island called Ilha da Queimada Grande, also known as Snake Island off the coast of Brazil has so many snakes on it that the main diet of those snakes are other snakes. The snakes became trapped on the island when rising sea levels covered up the land that connected it to the mainland. The ensuing selection pressure allowed the snakes to adapt to their new environment, increasing rapidly in population. It’s forbidden for anyone to visit the island except with the express permission of the Brazilian government.

Ilha da Queimada Grande - Itanhaém3.jpg

See what Nina & Nana have to say about this today!


Sources for this article: (1) Wikipedia (2) Snake myths

(All the snarky comments in italics as you can expect are mine)

You can read Kanika’s take here.

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