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The author I’m interviewing today is ‘Ms. read-a-lot’. She is the creator of the characters, Maya and Hari whom I fondly call ‘Matahari’. I often wondered if there are any characteristics that she has in common with Maya or Hari. And she admits that Hari shares her sense of humor. Having penned 3 books, she also knows how to use a pencil to sketch beautiful portraits. If she could paint the world with one color, it would be turquoise blue.

Allow me to welcome… Lavanya Srinivasan!

Lavanya is a CA working for an international bank. She is passionate about mythology and fantasy. She would love to spend time with her character, Hari.



Q. Which story you found the toughest to write and why?

A. My first published novella “Maya and the Mind Mystics” was definitely the toughest as my writing career was rather fresh at that point of time. Writing, the…

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