Nina & Nana in No bees, no be


selective focus photography of black and orange caterpillar
Photo by Michael Ruiter on

All of us have heard of the saying busy as a bee but do we know how busy the bees really are?

I always wonder about the omnipotent messages hidden in Shakespeare’s work so I wonder whether he really was thinking of bees when he wrote his famous lines “To be or not to be”? Nah,  Shakespeare can’t misspell can he? My bird..oops… bee brain was probably confused by the spelling bee contest I watched on television.  Now that’s a revelation.  Bees can spell even if Shakespeare can’t spell bee!

Humour aside, bees perform significant roles in the natural world helping the propagation of the plant species by pollination so when I read an article about how bees are disappearing in the wild because of excessive pesticide use,  I was alarmed. All living beings depend on plants in the food chain,  so bee extinction can eventually lead to ours too!

See what Nina & Nana have to say about this today.


You can read Kanika’s take below.


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