Chapter 15: Olives,Oracle and Om

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“What condition?”

“Being a Naiad, I know the water personally blessed by you can cure any disease and any injury. I want you to give a case of sanctified water to Maya besides showing her how to get the olives.”

Maya stared at Hari before whispering – “Hari, the Symantak is far superior for curing diseases. Nothing other than Chwanprash can cure my mumma. Why are you asking this? Come with me. We’ll find another way to get the olives.”

“There is no other way to get the olives. Listen to me this once.”

The naiad flashed what looked too much like a predator smile at Maya.

“Don’t worry, girl. Once you get the olives, you can come back here to retrieve your friend. I promise that the next time I see you, I will release your friend back to you.”

Furiously wiping off the wetness in her eyelashes, Maya nodded stiffly.

“Follow the stream all the way up until you find the peach tree. That is the first marker. The peach tree will guide you to the next marker for the olives.”

“Wait a minute, I thought you were going to just tell me where the olives were. I can’t accept your deal otherwise.”

“Girl, wisdom cannot be given. It has to be acquired.”

“What do you mean?”

“It means I can guide you. I possess the power of oracle in a slight measure as well. I foresee that you will get the olives if you follow my instructions fully. It is your choice to make.”

Hari spoke up.

“Maya, listen to her. It’s our only option.”

Maya stared at Hari for a long time before saying – “Ok, I will. Goddess, tell me more.”

“As I said, the peach tree will guide you next. When in doubt, the power of “Om” will guide you.”


“Come on, girl. Don’t you know your Om mantra?”

“How do you know… I forgot you were a goddess for a sec. Ok, I will do as you say.”

As Maya exited the grotto, Hari turned to the naiad. “She will be ok, won’t she?”

“That, dear boy, is the question!”

Author’s note: This is the fifteenth chapter of the novella “The God, The Girl and The Gem” I am writing as a part of the #BlogchatterA2Z #AtoZChallenge.

Fun Facts:

(1) Never heard of Naiads? Here is some background material.

(2) Last but not the least, you can read more of Maya and Hari’s original background here in the sample chapters for my earlier publication, Maya & the Mind Mystics.


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