plane-crashHulohot looked every inch the warrior chieftain that he was as he finished applying the final coat of bark white stripes on his face. As he bared his teeth at the pool water, his deputy Chu-chu came running. Knowing better than to disturb Hulohot at his daily routine, he waited patiently until Hulohot turned.

“Hmphahooooot, the gods have descended to punish us finally!”

“You lie!”

“Hmphahooooot, plssssssssss come.”

As Hulohot joined the little crowd of horrified natives on their knees, the vision in front of him struck him dumb with terror.

The time travellers took one look at their audience and then their stalled craft and uttered a collective “Damn!”

Linking up with Tina and Mayuri for #fridayfotofiction


  1. Time travelers! A unique take, Lavs. I loved the language- hulohot, chu-chu, and the grand addressing word. Though, I didn’t understand one thing, so where did the humans land (I take it was humans in the time traveling machine)?

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