friday foto fiction prompt

Ashley was excited. The day had arrived. Both of them had long planned for this day. It had taken her a bit of…. who was she kidding… lots of cajoling before Alex had agreed. It was of course, not a decision to be taken lightly. They had been together for nine years now but it had been hard on both of them to arrive at this decision.

Their free wheeling spirits and love of adventure had what had initially drawn them together. It was the same characteristics that had made them wary of taking the next step. Yet, here they were now.

Annie was waiting. Her angelic face swam in front of her eyes as both of them signed the final adoption papers.

Linking up with Tina and Mayuri for fridayfotofiction.



  1. This was an amazing story, Lavanya. I can completely relate coz there are many adoptions in my family. This is a beautiful thing to do. My husband always wanted to adopt, but just because I wanted to experience the entire journey of motherhood, we didn’t. But, again, this is an extremely commendable step and kudos to all those who take it. Its not easy to adopt I must say, one needs to consider a lot of things before going for the same. After all, it’s about not the future of teh child, but most importantly his/her feelings too. 🙂

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