What was, What is, What will be

derelict-building-sandra-crookThe thoughts ran thick and fast. The nostalgia. The laughter that the house had witnessed in better times. The pitter-patter of Poppet, the poodle’s dancing toes.

The profligacy that had destroyed it all. The sheer disdain for rules that led to encroachment of the public road for unnecessary expansion of the porch. Finally, the unscrupulousness of the builder in cheap construction material that had brought the beams crashing down when the bulldozers had arrived to clear the encroachment.

Sandy was simply glad he was able to re-purchase the abandoned property and establish his car-repair shop. Life had come a full circle.

Written for Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s Fridayfictioneers .


  1. I like the way you have constructed this. The first two paragraphs contain so much detail, conjuring up image after image. Your last paragraph slows everything down to a single emotion; Sandy is pleased that he can establish his car repair shop. Simplicity and contentment are restored!

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  2. I REALLY like the originality of the sentences and this depth of history you managed to give us.
    and did you know that you used the word “the” 15 times – at first I was wondering if it was toomuch – well only in the first part when I felt like – it was a lot of ‘the’ – but the many “the” words is part of the beauty of the writing here.
    it adds to a flow of the words –
    setting each aspect a part – adding to the energy you gave us –
    The thoughts The nostalgia. The laughter The pitter

    and so I love the happy ending of full circle too – but most of all this was Lavanya originality and oh so fresh

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