Confessions of a cockatiel

My very first post!

Hi he-humans and she-humans – a chirpy day to you. Let me introduce myself first.

I am Scooby, the cockatiel and I wanted to let off steam a bit by ranting my tale of woes. I don’t remember when I was born nor how many times I was transported before I first saw “Chirp”, my human and her mate “Chirp-chirp”. I have heard it said before by Fuff-fuff, the resident sage of my first non tree nest (a yellow-red mish-mash of colours and an upturned beak) that first impressions are often the truest but I have to admit, my first peek at Chirp and Chirp-Chirp was not positive.

 I have always wondered why humans have those ugly bulbous things in the center of their faces which Chirp calls a nose instead of a natural ( and beautiful) beak. As Fuff-fuff says – “God has not always been kind when creating…

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