Do you see me?

The setting sun was an omen. The masses toiled by the sun and enjoyed its life giving warmth but I wondered how many missed the coolness of the night and the other stars that the sun outshone everyday.

As I watched from thousands of miles away, I mused on how many, really had missed me and my journey. Here I was, tracing the same path seventy-six years later; yet it was the daily rise of the golden orb that all living things craved for.

With the bracing yet distant proximity of my journey away from the yellow sphere, I cannot but sigh at the fickleness of the humans.

I am the Comet Halley, returned yet again to trace my blazing path through the heavens! Do you see me?

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  1. Less and less with each passage across the Sun since the comet loses some of its substance each time.

    Fun fact: Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) was born in 1835, the year that Halley’s comet approached Earth and the died in 1910 during the comet’s next visitation.

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  2. Your story is very imaginative. You prompt us to think of the coolness of the night – and the wistfulness of human migrants for their homeland. All this artfully conceals the identity of the narrator, Halley’s Comet, until you choose to reveal it in the final paragraph.
    Well done!

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