The Quest

Ana looked behind to see all the distance she had covered. Her friend, Katy was following a little distance away. And so it had been for almost her entire life. Katy and she had been inseparable ever since they had learned to wander away from their colony. It was Katy who had come up with the big idea of constant companionship until one of them found themselves a life mate and a family to raise.

It was Katy now who first alerted her to the impending monster attack.  Both of them had been used to fending off the occasional threat, but this was, he was huge! As he advanced towards them, it was Katy who quickly ran around and jabbed him in the eye with her pincers. The monster, lay on his back, his eight legs quivering and was finally still.

Katy and Ana rejoiced. Their mission was a success. They had found a long lasting food source and a residence for their ant colony!



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