The return

The piazza beckoned to Bobby as he stood at the zebra crossing. It has been a quarter century ago that he had left his birthplace to that hodgepodge of cultures, the US.

He had lived and prospered there but his heart had always hankered after the country of his birth, the country that had turned him away because of what he was, what he is even now.

His cheeks were aflame reminiscing the days leading up to his departure. All of his joyful memories swept away in a tidal tsunami of the bitterness of change of the last few months he had spent in this country.

He brightened when he saw the reason for his return approaching him. His sister neither spared a look nor any emotion as she thrust a sheaf of papers and flounced off.

Eyes pooling already, he opened the folder to his birth identity : Roberta.

Thanks to the amazing Priceless Joy for the challenge and Dorothy for the photo prompt.


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