The pointless sacrifice


Priscilla was walking down the street fingering the ring in her pocket trying to locate the pawn shop next to the Plaza hotel. She finally spotted it and hurried in before she could change her mind. The punk hairdo guy examined the ring and shook his head when she wanted to pawn it.

“Sell only”.

Priscilla gritted her teeth and took the money offered. At last she would be able to afford the pretty hair clips Martha, her 10 year old daughter, had been eyeing. It had hurt parting with the ring which was all she had left of Adam but the thought of not gifting during Christmas was unbearable.

She walked into the apartment and stopped in shock at a bald headed Martha.

“Mama, I donated my hair for a cancer patient. See, I got a certificate.”

Priscilla smiled, swallowing a choke and responded – “Great, honey.”

(146 words)

Thanks to the amazing Priceless Joy for the challenge and Pamela for the photo prompt.


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