The Choice

“Mama, I want two chocolates today, you gave me only one yesterday.” quipped Kevin.

Rita smiled at him and said – “You can either choose one chocolate by yourself or let me give you two of my choice.”

Kevin thought over that a bit and asked for two chocolates to be given to him by Rita.

Rita smiled and gave him two pieces covered in bright coloured wrappers. Kevin dimpled and ran away to a corner to enjoy his spoils. He came back a few minutes later agitated.

“Mama, you have given me dark chocolate and a coconut filled one. I don’t like them. Can you please take them and give me white  and nut filled instead?”

Rita responded – “Kevin, remember the time we went to Singapore and you wanted to buy a Dungeons & Dragons game, but couldn’t get it?”

“Yes, Mama.”

Rita continued – “Daddy and I asked you whether you wanted the Gameboy in the shop but you wanted only Dungeons & Dragons. So we left the shop and went to search for D&D in other shops. We never found that game. So you never got either D&D or Gameboy. What did you think that time?”

Kevin thought deeply and said – “Mama, I thought I should have made you and Daddy buy me the Gameboy in the first shop as I wanted Gameboy too but wanted D&D more. Since you said I can buy only one, I wanted to wait to get D&D in the next shop but didn’t get both as we came back to India. Now I don’t have both games to play.”

Rita smiled and said – “Kevin, this is what I wanted to teach you when I asked you whether you want to choose your own chocolate or let me give you 2 chocolates of my choosing. Sometimes in life, you have to think before you choose to do something. Whether to wait for something you want or to take what you get immediately. When we went to Singapore, you decided to wait for what you want and was unhappy because you didn’t get what you wanted.

Today, I asked you whether you wanted to choose or take something extra without choosing and you chose to take extra chocolates. When you grow up, you will have to make bigger choices than these and sometimes you can’t change the choice you have already made. Like the chocolates today. You will have to eat the ones I gave you because that is what you chose.

Tomorrow or later, whenever you have to choose other things, I want you to think of what will happen if you decide to do something and don’t like the result of your decision.”

Disappointed, Kevin chewed his lip in frustration and said – “Yes, Mama.” before leaving the room.

A few minutes later, Rita went to the main hall after hearing Kevin’s delighted squeals.

Kevin was standing beside a half opened pack of chocolates with all this favourite varieties while her husband watched with amused interest.

Kevin jubilantly declared – “See Mama, I chose wrongly today but still got my chocolates.”

Rita smiled softly before saying – “That happens in life too, sometimes, my son” and ran a hand over his curls.


  1. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to have the cake and eat it too? Enjoyed this story Lavanya

    Was going to tell u that your linkup wasn’t done correctly to #WordSante but looks like you realised it yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I was using my phone for the linky, the boxes initially were mismatched with the related description. Thanks for writing in.


  2. I often say that there are always two ways to any problem, the easy way, and the right way. The easy way might always not be right and the right way might always not be easy. I’m sure Kevin would have learned a valuable lesson in life. A nice little parable, Lavanya. Welcome on board at #WordSante.

    Liked by 1 person

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