The lost donut

The time when asgardians ruled the unthinking hordes on the earth was when the Donut was accidently invented by Loki, the trickster lord, when he ran into the kitchens to escape the wrath of his brother Thor.

 While trying to evade the mighty Mjölnir (Thor’s hammer), Loki held up a sweet pancake freshly baked as a shield and lo! the pancake with a hole in middle was invented, which was named “Donut” (“Do not hit” uttered with a broken jaw).

 This invention was lost, until Thor secretly taught the recipe disguised as a dutch settler to a New York chef during one of his reconnaissance missions to the earth. Thor also commissioned a parisian artist to create a donut sculpture in the early 1900’s to memorialize this rich legacy.
 The unfinished sculpture acquired its gruesome blood spattered arrows when the pirates of the Caribbean and the law enforcement duelled during a smuggling attempt. The blood on the sculpture was recently matched with the DNA tested from a descendant of the pirate blackbeard.
Thank you Jade Wong for the image. 


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